Hello Hurlers!

We hope you have been salivating for our Bacon Challenge fundraiser! At this moment, we are going to be moving the event to a date in the future, sometime the spring. We are so excited to have the opporotunity to engage more people and bring in a wider breadth of audience for this event.
We will be sending further information regarding specific dates of when the Bacon Challenge will be held, so please keep an eye on your email.
Thank you so much for understanding. Our Bacon Board is so excited to make this event a success, and we appreicate your continued support. Please make sure to talk with friends and family about this event and what they are supporting.
The Milwaukee Hurling Club is an amazing organization that is growing daily. And, in order to keep up with demands, improvements, and expansion, we rely on fundraising events like this. There are many individuals who volunteer their time, brains, and expertise to make this club the organization that it is today. Help us help the club by participating in this event this spring. Whether it be volunteering, cooking, or coming as an attendee, the MHC is grateful for the support you give.
If you have further questions or conerns or would like to help out in a specific capacity for our Bacon Challenge or future fundraising events, please contact one of the Bacon Board individuals.
ALL online orders have been queued for refund and eventbrite will refund the full price directly to the payment form by 5pm CST Wednesday,  October 8th.

Have a great week and keep thinking about Bacon!

1st Annual Bacon Challenge Date: TBD, Springtime
Time and Location: 4-9, Irish Cultural Heritage Center
Goal: MHC Fundraising to support continued expansion and growth
The Bacon Challenge Team