Week 6 – June 28th

9:30 – Youth Games

11am – Clare vs McBobs

12:30p – Shamrock Club vs Trinity

2pm – Silver Spring House vs Milwaukee Ale House

3:30pm – Irish Pub vs Slim’s

5pm Round Robin @ County Clare 1234 N. Astor Street


Ranks up to now

Week 4 2015
Week 4 2015

Remember there are no youth games this upcoming weekend (6/21).
Happy Father’s Day!

9:30am Shamrock Club vs. Slim’s
11am – SSH vs. County Clare
12:30pm – Trinity vs. AIS
2pm – Mystic vs. Irish Pub
3:30pm – Burke’s vs. Ale House

5pm – Round Robin @
Milwaukee Ale House
233 North Water Street 53202

Opening Day Raffle Results!

Thank you all for coming out to our 20th season kick off!

Raffle prize results:
60″ LCD HDTV – Glory Tutaj
iPad with GAAGO pass – Steve Steinbacher
Pitch Kit (Tent, cooler, grill, chair) – Christi Griffin
Pair of Fitbits – Andy McKee
$100 at our Sponsors – Adam Blackwell
$50 cash – Carl Chojnacki


Remember there are no games this coming up weekend (5/24) in observance of Memorial Day.

Week 2 / May 31st
9:30am – Youth Games
11am – McBob’s vs Shamrock Club
12:30pm – All Integrated vs Silver Spring House
2pm – Mystic Ireland vs Milwaukee Ale House
3:30pm – Trinity vs Irish Pub
5pm – Round Robin @ The Irish Pub
124 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Bye Week:
County Clare

Attention All Hurlers

If you still with to play but have not yet registered for the 2015 hurling season there is still time! Please contact personnel@hurling.net, and we will email all necessary registration forms to you. If you are not ready to register by this weekend, remember that you can always register to be a mid-season addition in the club. If you have questions about your ability to register, again please contact Jason Kirkpatrick at personnel@hurling.net.


Any club members who’s travel arrangements require them to be on the same team should submit those preferences to personnel@hurling.net before Saturday! Please note that we are not asking about people that you would like to play with, but rather those who must be on the same team for logistical traveling reasons.


Any club member who is interested in stepping up to play goalie this season should convey that to personnel@hurling.net as soon as possible. This will help us spread out goalie talent equally among the teams this season, and ensure new goalies are mentored. Be brave and give it a shot!


If you have a hurler in your family that is playing this season, the rest of your family is eligible to receive a FREE booster membership for the Milwaukee Hurling Club! Simply email their name, phone number, and email address to personnel@hurling.net to get them signed up.

Last day for Adult League Registration Thursday 4/30 at 7:30pm

Yes! The player ranking (formerly known as “The Draft”) will be held this weekend in an undisclosed location in Milwaukee. We are cutting off Adult League Registration for the 10 game summer 2015 season this Thursday (April 29th) at 7:30pm. If you want to register, please get in touch with Jason Kirkpatrick (Personnel@hurling.net) and Michael Hamby (financial@hurling.net) for registration and payment.

There is no guarantee for a mid season addition after the 4th of July so if you really want to get out here and play, let us know! Any other questions, you can always reach out to us at info@hurling.net just like in years past.

Great turnout for our 1st All Club Practice!

Thanks to all for showing up at our 1st all club practice out at Uihlien Soccer Park.
We only have 5 more practices until we lock down adult league registration and get moving forward with “The Draft”

If you are missing our regular club information emails, please reach out to us at info@hurling.net and ask to be added to the email list. You can also add yourself from the website hurling.net on the left hand column at “Subscribe”

After 4/9/15, There are only 6 practices left before the draft

Yes you read that right! For the Adult league, there are only 6 more practices after today until we lock down (YES, CLOSE) Adult league registration (Ages 15 and up).

If you are still thinking of playing this season, it is time to get over to practice and register.

Youth will have their 1st practice of the season this Sunday with the Adults at Uihlein Soccer Park outdoor turf field #1. Youth parents can register their kids Saturday 4/11 from 1p-3p at the Youth Clinic (at Uihlein Soccer Park) and also from 12:30p-3p Sunday at Uhlein Soccer Park. If you still have a youth rental helmet from last season, please bring that in.

Any questions about registration, practice or anything else going on this season, make sure to reach out to us at info@hurling.net