2014 Registration Last Call Notice

On Saturday May 3rd, we will be gathering our Adult League Captains together for the annual MHC “Draft”. In order to best serve the club, we will be Closing Adult League Registration at the end of practice on Thursday May 1st.

In order to play in the full 2014 season, you must be registered by the deadline at end of practice on Thursday May 1st.. If you register AFTER the deadline, you will be able to practice but you will have to wait to play until the Mid Season Additions in Mid July.

If you are outside the Greater Milwaukee Area and are not able to register in person, please reach out to John McCarville at personnel@hurling.net and he will be able to get paperwork over to you right away. Once forms and payment are received, we can consider you for the draft.

As of today, 4/14/14 we have 4 practices left until the draft. If you know someone you played with last year and they have not registered, reach out and let them know they are wanted back and to bring more friends!