After 4/9/15, There are only 6 practices left before the draft

Yes you read that right! For the Adult league, there are only 6 more practices after today until we lock down (YES, CLOSE) Adult league registration (Ages 15 and up).

If you are still thinking of playing this season, it is time to get over to practice and register.

Youth will have their 1st practice of the season this Sunday with the Adults at Uihlein Soccer Park outdoor turf field #1. Youth parents can register their kids Saturday 4/11 from 1p-3p at the Youth Clinic (at Uihlein Soccer Park) and also from 12:30p-3p Sunday at Uhlein Soccer Park. If you still have a youth rental helmet from last season, please bring that in.

Any questions about registration, practice or anything else going on this season, make sure to reach out to us at