Camogie in 2013

This year, camogie will be a little bit different, but still awesome! Everyone in the club will be doing skills testing this year. This has two purposes. The first is to give people a baseline for improvement. The second is to help us put the most competitive team we can on the field when we’re competing. We’ll have both competitive and skill building opportunities for camogie to participate in, so you’ll be able to play in scrimmages and games no matter where you test out, but some events will be reserved for a competitive roster, for example, the NACB’s in fall. The goal overall this year is to increase everyone’s skills by focusing on the basics and athleticism and really pushing ourselves to be better at the end of the season then we were when we started.

There are several game opportunities already on the calendar, and we’re collecting availability now for these events so that we can commit to them or decline the invitations. Please answer the questions in the survey to the best of your knowledge now, it’s ok if things change as we get closer to the event, but please try to clear your calendar if you have commited to attending an event. We’re trying to make sure that everyone has more than enough notice to make time for these game!

This year, we’ll be starting Camogie practices on Thursdays along with the main club practices in the form of women’s break out groups. So when everyone counts off, we’ll all get together and be our own group. We’re hoping this will be a great way to get the women face to face and create that atmosphere of the women’s only practices while still taking advantage of the awesome training that’s available at the Co-Ed practices. Once we get into early June, the Men’s and Women’s teams will have practices on Saturday mornings at the same time. We’ll run concurrent lines in drills and break out similarly to the Thursday practices. If we have enough interest, we’ll look at adding in the Tuesday night practices as well. All of this is going to depend on how many ladies we have committed to attending these practices so that we can make the most of our time so please consider coming to these practices!

Any players interested, please fill out this form.