2014 Goalie Designation

 We are reaching out to all registered club members to see if you may want to be a full time or part time Goalie in the 2014 season. We will need the responses by the end of practice this Thursday May 1st at 7:30pm
We will enter your name in to the Goalie list to help with the draft and team designations. 
Please click THIS LINK to go to the Google Doc sheet to fill in your full or part time Goalie interest. 
Hopefully the last reminder for registration of the 2014 season.All paperwork, payment or payment plan is due Thursday May 1st by 7:30pm. If you have any questions or require paperwork, please reach out to John McCarville atpersonnel@hurling.net
If you have any question regarding payment or payment plans, please reach out to Mike Hamby at financial@hurling.net
 For a complete list of events, visit our updated 2014 calendar.
The MHC is a Volunteer Organization. We have Volunteer Opportunities!
We are a 100% volunteer run organization. We have volunteer opportunities starting immediately.
  •  Special Events Committee – As part of this committee, you would help plan, organize and execute special events within the club. Examples include opening day, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and Party at the Pitch to name a few.
  •  Fundraising Committee – As part of the fundraising committee, you will help seek out, plan, organize and execute fundraising efforts for the club. You would also work with the Special Events Committee to plan these efforts.
  •  Website Committee – Join part of the team to help update and redesign the MHC website. Looking for content writers, designers, coders and project managers to keep everyone on tasks. 
 Please contact Andy McKee (administration@hurling.net) with the committee you are interested in being part of as the subject line.