Our pre-season training begins in March. The 10-week playing season begins in May and runs through the end of August (including playoffs and the championship game).

The youth begin in mid-April with practices on Sunday and Thursday through Opening Day in mid-May. From then on the practices are Thursday evenings and games held every-other Sunday.

Club practice sessions, which include a variety of drills designed to build skills and endurance, are held on Thursday evenings throughout the season, as well as on Sundays in the pre-season.Games are held on Sundays during the season.

Newcomers are welcome! Most of our members learned the game from the MHC. During the preseason, we offer a “rookie camp” that teaches the basics of rules and playing techniques. Our youth panels start at AGE 4 – so you are almost NEVER too young to start hurling – and go up incrementally U7, U11, and U15.

No. Each season, club captains hold a “draft”, in which players are evaluated, ranked, and evenly distributed on teams based on skill level and experience. Players must attend regular practices to be placed on a team.

Youth are assigned to teams based on age and skill level. For the safety of all children and to keep it a fun and engaging activity coaches reserve the right to move children between youth groups as deemed necessary.

The MHC’s “home field” for practices and games is located at Brown Deer Park in northern Milwaukee County. Occasionally, the club competes with teams from other cities. Matches are also played every year at Irish Fest.

Hurling helmets with face protection are required for all players. The club orders GAA-approved helmets from Ireland once per year. Hockey helmets are permissible. Soccer shoes and shin guards are also worn by most players.