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Hurling is one of the oldest field sports in the world, and the MHC is proud to help bring it to men and women, ages 4-60+ in the metro Milwaukee area.   In Ireland where the sport originated, clubs are divided into mens clubs (hurling) and womens clubs (camogie).  In the MHC, we play co-ed at all levels.  We feature 3 quarters of guaranteed play every game and rotating teams each year to promote parity.  Here’s a few video links to get you familiar, although the level of play is more intense in Ireland.

Hurling explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biFcgUB98ns&t=6s

Camogie:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70ePVvm1tU4

Our Youth:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1NfpDZC4UI&t=33s

We know you have many options in choosing a sport for you or your children, so we’d like to tell you about a few advantages we have.

Low Cost

Dues are $125 for youth, $100 for adult rookies and $150 for returning adults.  This includes a hurley (stick) jersey, and all summer games and practices.

We Respect Your Time

Practices are held Thursday evenings and games (replaced by practices in the pre-season) are on Sundays.  Roughly 2 hours each.

It’s a Great Atmosphere

Youth, adults, rows of pop-up tents and great camaraderie.  Many of our members make a full family day of Sunday game-days.

Everyone Plays

We love this sport and want it to grow.  You come, you play at least 3 quarters, regardless of skill or experience.

Training Provided

Worried about jumping in?  Rookies spend the first weeks of their journey receiving friendly, specialized training from our coaches.

What’s Next?

You can sign right up, or join us for a no-obligation practice.  We are also active at many events around the community.  Here’s some links to exlplore:

Online Registration:  https://hurling.net/registration/

Indoor Registration (Returning Adults Only): https://hurling.net/product-category/indoor/

Club Calendar:  https://hurling.net/calendar/mhc-calendar/

Volunteer Calendar:  https://hurling.net/volunteer_calendar/