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Hurling combines the skills of Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, and Soccer  into one high speed, high scoring, high octane sport that will blow you away… And it’s taking off in North America.

How it’s Played

Hurling is a team sport played on a field or “pitch” slightly larger than a soccer field. Grouped in teams of 15 (13 in the MHC), the players use a curved stick made of ash (a hurley) to move a baseball-sized sliothar (pronounced “slitter”) down the field. Three points are awarded for hitting the ball through the goal, and one point is awarded for sending it through the uprights mounted on either side of the goal and above the top cross bar.

Positions on the Pitch


Note: Relative the graphic; in the MHC you would remove the Full Forward and Full Back to create 13


Similar to Soccer; Hurling has a goal at each end of the pitch, but in Hurling, there are also goal posts over the top of each goal. In hurling there are two types of scores: a goal or a point.

Here are examples:

POINT: 1 point – Over the top crossbar and through uprights

Image result for Hurling point gif

GOAL: 3 points – Under the top crossbar and into the netted goal

Image result for Hurling goal gif


The scoreboard during the game reflects the number of goals and points that have been scored, with goals listed first. For instance; if 3 goals and 13 points have been scored, the scoreboard would reflect Team 1’s score below, along with the total points, which in this case would be 22.


Team 1: 3-13 (22)
Team 2: 1-20 (23)